Coronavirus - new admission procedures now in use at the clinic - BUT WE REMAIN OPEN!

In order to minimise people traffic in the clinic, we ask all clients to remain in the car-park and telephone the clinic on 9296 4206 once they have arrived.

A staff member will then come out and meet you in the car-park when the vet is ready to see you.


Please feel free to walk around the clinic grounds whilst you are waiting.


We have installed a buzzer at the front door if you do not have a telephone with you.

We will no longer accept cash as a form of payment due to the high infection risk posed by handling cash.


We apologise for the inconvenience, but we hope that you understand that the health of our staff and clients is paramount

What is still open?

Swimming Pool 

The swimming pool remains open and bookings can be made for 30 minute private sessions.  This is a great way to give your dog a really good work-out and have some fun.  If you want to get in too that is fine.  The poolside area is disinfected throughout the day and chlorinated water will deactivate a wide range of viral agents.  Please call reception to book.

Agility Park

Dog Playground

The Dog Playground is available for anyone to use whenever the cliic is open.  You do not require an appointment to use the Playground.  The facility is there for you to use to exercise and socialise your dogs.  We disinfect all human contact surfaces throughout the day and ask that anyone using the facility maintains social distancing.  Please feel free to use the Playground to enable your dog to blow off steam and help everyone in the house relax.

If you need to blow off some serious energy in an entirely private and secure environment then the Agility Park is available for hire from as little as $20/hour.  This gives you and your dog  private use of the facility.  All human contact areas are disinfected throughout the day.

Dog Wash

Pooch pampering is available whenever the clinic is open.  Our K9000 Dog Wash allows you to shampoo, condition and blow dry your dog for $11.  Payments are made by credit card at the machine and all human contact surfaces such as gates and control panels are disinfected throughout the day.

The Sniffari Garden is the latest addition to our unique pet-centric offering.  We have designed a quiet and restful garden where clients can sit with their dogs and enjoy a range of smell and tactile sensations.  The garden is designed to calm nervous dogs and also provide an interesting and rewarding experience for interested dogs and their owners.  The garden will open at the end of April and will feature a wide range of educational material as well.  The garden will be available free of charge to anybody visiting the clinic.

Sniffari Garden Opens soon

Our Services



Our dedicated surgery suite  and anaesthetic monitoring equipment   allows us to provide for a wide variety of anaesthetic  and  surgical  procedures. The unique design of our facility, the newest equipment and the quality of our patient care combine to give the best surgical outcome whilst ensuring that your pet remains free of pain and discomfort.  

Specialist interpretation and ultrasonography services are  also available if required.

Dog Swim Club

We have an outdoor pool available for hire great fun on a hot summers day and great for weight reduction, rehabilitation, and fitness training. Pool sessions are 30 minutes long for exclusive hire. You can call the clinic to book or visit our Facebook page. 


$12 per session


$99 season pass - unlimited swims for the season (October - April/May weather dependant).

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Dog Training

Here at Swan Valley Vet Centre we also offer dog training. These classes are held every Saturday to help you and your dog. Our classes are held by Richard an accredited IMDT dog trainer who has been training with dogs for 6 years and obtained his OCN Level 3 'Principles of Dog Training and behaviour' qualification. Enrolment for the next course is now open, phone the clinic to book or visit our Facebook page.



Provide education to puppy owners on:

  • managing and understanding normal behaviour for this age group.

  • Positive reinforcement training.

  • Dog body language

  • Gentle handling and settling/relaxation

  • Toilet training

  • Bite inhibition

  • Appropriate play/ greetings.

  • Environmental enrichment

The Senior Puppy training course aims to achieve the following:

  • Respond to their name with eye contact.

  • Sit when asked and for greeting.

  • Lie down (drop) when asked.

  • Settle on a bed/mat with a short duration.

  • Touch a hand target.

  • Beginnings of loose lead walking

  • Beginnings of recall.

  • Accept gentle handling and collar holds.

  • ‘Wait or ‘stay’ with a short duration.



Provide dog owners with education on:

  • How dogs learn.

  • Positive reinforcement training.

  • Dog body language.

  • Environmental enrichment.

  • Management strategies for problem behaviours  (Jumping, barking, digging etc)

  • On-lead management around other dogs.


The beginners class training course aims to achieve the following:

  • Walk nicely on a loose lead.

  • Come when called under distraction.

  • Allow handling and collar holds

  • Sit for greeting. 

  • Lie down (drop) on cue

  • Stand up on cue

  • Stay 

  • Appropriate on-lead greeting and behaviour around other dogs/people.


6 Week Course - $180 (1hr per week)



Swan Valley Vet Centre is a relatively new veterinary clinic, opening in 2016. We are passionate to build a clinic that will be a safe haven for pets, owners and a  new type of experience. Swan Valley Vet  Centre strives  to provide  not only great veterinary medicine and surgery but  much more.  
There is an art to being a great vet. In our centre  it's important  to us  that your  pet will feel happy to visit. We  offer plenty of cuddles  and reassurance  and hope that these and our tranquil surroundings will ensure that your pet will feel kindness and compassion.  We  want  you  to include us in the circle of people that care for, and care about your  pet.  
You can call us for advice at any time not just when your pet is unwell.  Its important  to us  that   you the owners are  confident, well informed and  are considered in all decisions made  about  your  pets care.


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