No matter where you're at in your dog's development, Swan Valley Vet Centre has a range of classes suitable for all ages!


Puppy Preschool: Socialisation and basic training for puppies and their people. 4 week course - 1 hour evening class each week.

Puppy Preschool allows puppies and their owners to socialise with other puppies in a safe and supervised environment.  Course instructor will provide guidance on basic training, health and day-to-day management of your puppy. This is a fun and very informative course which will set you and your puppy on the right road to a healthy and contented future.

Puppy Highschool: 4 week course for puppies between 4 and 6 months old. This course will cover health and basic obedience as in the standard preschool course in an age appropriate environment with more focus on advancing obedience, and allows puppies and their owners to socialise with other puppies.

Dog Development School: This 6 week course will help you solve problems such as: pulling on lead, jumping up, destructive behaviours, chasing, barking and many other issues as well as building on your relationship with your pet through positive reinforcement.

Tricks & Behaviour: Refine the skills you and your dog developed in Dog Development and enjoy learning some new tricks to show off to your friends too! With an introduction to behavioural science, this course is ideal for those who have completed our Dog Development classes or who already have some skills with marker training and are interested in trick training and shaping behaviours. 

Beginners Agility: Hosted by Frank from Makopup, this 6 week course is an introduction to the dog sport known as Agility! All ages and breeds are welcome to participate in the beginners level class - equipment will be adjusted to suit your dog before their turn. (Puppies under 12 months of age will participate without jump bars to avoid injuries during growth)

Intermediate Agility: Pick up the pace and face new challenges in this next level of Agility training! After mastering your handling skills in Beginners Agility it's time to speed things up and really get moving with your dog! This 6 week course is ideal for those who have already completed Beginners Agility or have some experience with Agility already. Hosted by Frank from Makopup.