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Dive into a world of wagging tails and wet noses at our dog-tastic destination! From pawsome classes to bark-worthy parties and even a splashin' swimming pool for our furry friends, we're here to make tails wag and tongues pant with excitement.

Come join the paw-ty and let the good times roll!


Puppy Preschool: Socialisation and basic training for puppies and their people. 4 week course - 1 hour evening class each week.

Puppy Preschool allows puppies and their owners to socialise with other puppies in a safe and supervised environment.  Course instructor will provide guidance on basic training, health and day-to-day management of your puppy. This is a fun and very informative course which will set you and your puppy on the right road to a healthy and contented future.

Dog Development School: This 6 week course will help you solve problems such as: pulling on lead, jumping up, destructive behaviours, chasing, barking and many other issues as well as building on your relationship with your pet through positive reinforcement. This course is hosted by Alex Tippett of Alex Tippett Dog Training.

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