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Reproduction & Breeding

If you are choosing to breed from your much loved pet, or developing your breeding endeavours, you will benefit from the care, knowledge and expertise of Dr Tracy. Tracy has a interest in reproduction and offers her services to all breeders, large and small. Breeding can be complicated and daunting at times, but Dr Tracy is available to support you every step of the way.


We can support your breeding endeavours from the very beginning starting from your pre-breeding examination, artificial inseminations, TCI's, and neonatal care. We can offer in-house ultrasounds and emergency cesarean procedures, as well as  breeding consultations with Dr Tracy who has a wealth of personal experience and interest in all aspects of reproduction.

We can assist you with:

Pre-breeding Examination 

Pre-breeding/mating Swabs

DNA Testing –  Parentage

DNA Testing –  Genetic disease

Hips and Elbow Scoring

Penn Hip Scoring


Progesterone Testing - Inhouse

Semen Analysis

Semen Storage (per annum)

Dry Shipper rental (per day)


Assisted/Supervised Natural Mating

Artificial Insemination (Standing) - fresh/chilled

Transcervical Insemination (Includes fresh collection)

Transcervical Insemination (Chilled semen)

Transcervical Insemination (Frozen semen)

Surgical Insemination (Fresh, Chilled, Frozen)

Chilled Semen – Collection and Processing


Pregnancy Ultrasound – (from day 25-35)

Pregnancy Radiographs – (from day 45)


Caesareans - including after hours caesareans and emergency caesareans


Dewclaw Removals 

Deciduous Teeth Removal 

Litter Vaccinations

Litter Microchips

Fit To Fly Letter


Litter Sterilisation

Standard Spey

Standard Castration


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