Dr Meg

Meg graduated from Murdoch University in 1996 with first class honours and went on to  complete her Masters in Small Animal Medicine and Surgery in 2007.

Meg has been  in practice since  she graduated, and has worked in Western Australia and the U.K.  


She worked as an associate vet in the same animal practice for 11 years. For the last 3 years she has also been  consulting in a 24 hour emergency hospital, Vet 24, to expand her medicine skills and experience.

Dr Meg is an innovative, dynamic vet who particularly enjoys canine rehabilitation medicine, geriatric medicine and behaviour.

Dr Tracy

Dr Tracy Paluszak graduated from Murdoch in 2016, and joined the team in 2019 as an associate veterinarian. She strongly believes in and practices a low stress handling approach to all her valued patients.


She brings with her a passion and interest in all aspects of small animal reproduction, and hopes to build upon the high standard of care and reproductive services offered by the practice. To achieve this she offers a tailored, unique, reproduction package suited to your individual requirements; starting from your pre-breeding examination, artificial inseminations, TCI's, and neonatal care.


Over the years she has enjoyed many successes in her own breeding programs, winning many awards for the high quality and extremely lovable pets she produces. 

Dr Rose

Rose is a Murdoch University graduate and joined the SVVC team in January 2018. Before joining the team, Rose spent part of 2017 volunteering in sterilisation clinics in remote communities in the Kimberley and Ooty India.


At work, Rose has a passion for dentistry, surgery and charity work for multiple rescue groups around Perth. She was also running our puppy school until recently! As much as she loves puppies, Dr Rose also enjoys seeing the variety of small farm animals who visit our practice, and has a soft spot for little goats.

Dr Laura

Laura graduated from Glasgow University and worked for 10 years in the UK before emigrating to the sunnier climate of Perth.


She has continued to work as a small animal vet since arriving here and was in her last position for nearly 12 years.

She enjoys helping her patients and their families through all their life stages whilst making clinic visits as fear free and enjoyable as possible.

She has a special interest in rabbits and rodents, and is our go-to vet for exotic pets.




Registered Veterinary Nurse

Cindy is one of our fabulous senior nurses and joined the team after completing her work place learning with us. She already holds a Masters of Research in Ancient History! 

Before pursuing her passion for animal care, Cindy studied Egyptology in Sydney and had the unique experience of participating in an archaeological dig in Egypt.

While Cindy loves taking care of all our patients, she has a special interest in our smallest furry friends such as rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, and mice. She is currently looking into furthering her studies in the nursing care of these species in the near future.

Cindy nurtures our relationship with the multiple charities we work with, with animal rescue and adoption being a cause close to her heart.

Outside of work, Nurse Cindy enjoys spending time with rescue bunnies. She also loves to receive updates on the tiger she adopts through the World Wildlife Fund.



Registered Veterinary Nurse

Our resident canine expert! Ash has been working in veterinary practice for four years. Prior to this, Ash spent seven years working in boarding and rescue kennels.

Ash holds a Fear Free Rescue Certification and is Level 3 Fear Free certified. She runs and contributes to most of our puppy and dog development classes and has an abundance of knowledge on all aspects of dog behaviour, from socialising to problem solving. She's also a bit of a canine culinary expert and assists our adjacent pet-friendly cafe to create nourishing dog treats. 

Her favourite aspect of nursing is working with animal behaviour and creating rewarding, positive spaces for our patients.


Reception & Accounts

Krissie has been with the Swan Valley Vet Centre team from the very beginning, taking care of all our accounts. You'll also see her out on reception every now and again!

Krissie loves her bulldogs, and has two beautiful bulldog girls in her life, and a cat, of course!

Krissie is an integral part of the business and knows everything there is to know about Swan Valley Vet Centre! When she's not here, she'll often be found at the park with her fur-family. 


Kennel Hand

Introducing the longest standing member of the nursing team - Tiffy! Tiffy has been at our clinic since day one. She has helped create and organise Swan Valley Vet in its continued growth, and is able to show new nurses the SVVC way of doing things. She assists with training of visiting students and is always super helpful. 

Tiffy is currently studying Veterinary Science at Murdoch University. We are so excited to see her finish her studies and perhaps join the team as a veterinarian one day! 

She cares about all creatures, great and small, but absolutely loves it when we have sheep or goats visiting the clinic. 



Registered Veterinary Nurse

After recovering from a fractured back due to a horse riding accident, she begun her career at Swan Valley Vet Centre in the middle of 2017. Ever since, she has been a part of our family building on her nursing skills and has brought many brilliant ideas to the clinic.

Amy is one of our Senior Nurses and is the Head of Training Nurse, which means all of our visiting students get to enjoy her depth of knowledge and her nurturing, supportive nature.

Nurse Amy has completed a Puppy School Workshop, a series of online continuing education courses and a Physical Therapy Course through the Australian College of Vet Nursing. (ACVN)


Amy models the culture of our clinic and brings a lot of heart to patient, client and colleague care.



Registered Veterinary Nurse

Nurse El joined the team as a work experience student and worked her way in to becoming a permanent fixture at SVVC.


She loves puppy cuddles and the surgical aspect of nursing; seeing patients all the way through from the initial consult, surgery, post operative care and ongoing rehabilitation.


As the practice grows she's enjoyed seeing more large animals and particular loves to get involved with any cases involving horses or cows.


Registered Veterinary Nurse

Paris specialises in advanced anaesthesia and surgical analgesia. She champions a gold standard quality of care for our patients. Paris can often be found in the surgical suite of the clinic monitoring anaesthetics, and assisting in surgeries - she particularly loves orthopaedic surgeries! She also enjoys supporting our patients through the rehabilitation process after an injury or procedure. When she's not at work you'll likely still find her here as Paris and her beautiful dog Tiamo are regulars at our advanced agility courses!



Registered Veterinary Nurse

Ange is a compassionate nurse who offers support to owners faced with challenging decisions.


Her favourite aspect of nursing is the love our nurses receive from their patients and clients.


She is a very calming presence in the clinic and nurtures the animal-human bond.



Registered Veterinary Nurse

Emily is a knowledgeable nurse with so much insight and experience to share with our team, and our clients. 

She is a wonderful veterinary receptionist and loves spending time with clients and patients in our reception lounge. She also takes the best photos! 

Emily came to our clinic after spending many years as a practice manager, which means we are so lucky to have her skill set to draw from as our clinic continues to develop.


Registered Veterinary Nurse

Shannon has a kind heart and loves to take care of her patients. She is a great source of reassurance during challenging times. 

As one of our Senior Nurses, Shannon has developed with us since commencing her Animal Studies and Veterinary Nursing courses. 

Shannon loves to bake! She has become a very important contributor to the senior nursing team, and an all-round great staff member. 

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