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Small Animals

We welcome animals of all shapes and sizes. Whether they have feathers or fur, live inside or outside, are family pets or farming stock - Swan Valley Vet is uniquely located to service all the animals in your life!

vaccinations and microchipping

We  focus on preventative health care, and all vaccinations are tailored to your pet. Vaccinations and advice are only given after a complete  physical examination (which is included in the cost  of the vaccination ) and are guided  by  the World Small Animal Veterinary Associations recommendations and your views.


Titre testing is also available upon request, which allows us to reduce the frequency of vaccination whilst still ensuring that your pet has adequate protective immunity.

surgery and anaesthesia

Our dedicated surgery suite  and anaesthetic monitoring equipment   allows us to provide for a wide variety of anaesthetic  and  surgical  procedures. The unique design of our facility, the newest equipment and the quality of our patient care combine to give the best surgical outcome whilst ensuring that your pet remains free of pain and discomfort.  

Specialist interpretation and ultrasonography services are  also available if required.


Smelly breath from dental disease   is not pleasant  for you and not  good for  the health  of your pet. We strive to ensure that our dental care  is affordable  because we want your pet to benefit from the good health  that comes with healthy teeth and gums. We use the very latest dental technology available to human dentists to achieve optimal dental health.

geriatric care

Caring for and aging pet is a beautiful experience but can sometimes be concerning and disconcerting. Medical care for the geriatric pet is something our team are passionate about.


Your pet relies on you to provide them  with the best opportunity for optimal health so that you  can  both enjoy every moment of their golden  years. You may just want some  simple advice or reassurance, and at other times investigations such as  blood tests and further diagnostics may be needed.

If you have noticed a change  in your pet's behaviour, activity level or mobility, eating, drinking or toileting habits then please call  and book in to see our caring veterinary team. Early intervention is always better.

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nail clipping

Our nail clipping service is free, however an appointment is required. Call the reception desk to book in a time with our experienced nursing staff for this service.


Please be aware but not put off that if nail clipping process becomes stressful to your pet and sedation is required there will be some associated costs.

Outstanding in-house equipment

Equipment and facilities are of the highest level with multiple DR, ultrasound and endoscopy units, full in-house Idexx lab service, endoscopic TCI with frozen and fresh semen for canine breeding, small animal arthroscopy and orthopaedics, incubator, oxygen chamber, Ligasure, and full dental suite including dental DR.


Our new CT unit will be completed before the end of this year, with the opportunity to be exposed to this advanced imaging modality supervised by a Board Certified Diagnostic Imaging Specialist.

exotic pets


Dr Laura loves treating mice, rats, bunnies, and other pocket pets, and has gained a wealth of experience with these cute critters during her years of veterinary practice in the UK.

Given our unique location that stretches in to suburban and farming areas, we often see creatures of all sizes and temperaments, from wildlife to farm animals who have secured their place as part of the family. 

If you want a lifetime vet for your unique pet, Swan Valley Vet Centre may be the practice for you.

Chill protocol

Our vets and nurses do their best to ensure your pet's experience is pleasant, and most have certifications in Fear Free animal handling and car. However some patients suffer from terrible anxiety. As such, Swan Valley Vet Centre has developed a "chill protocol".


This protocol is a series of three medications given at certain intervals prior to your pet's visit to assist in minimising stress, fear, and negative connotations to their visit.


If you feel your pet may be a candidate for the chill protocol, please mention this at the time of booking.

charity work

Swan Valley Vet Centre is proud of the contributions we make to charities in our region and beyond, to support their work towards animal welfare. 

We offer discounted preventative healthcare, sterilisations and treatment to a variety of charities and rescue organisations, and are dedicated to improving the lives of all animals. 

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