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Welcome to our beautiful veterinary centre,
nestled in the heart of the Swan Valley yet conveniently close to both major highways.


Our waiting room was designed to feel just like home 

and we even have separate areas for cats to feel comfortable, or for extra privacy while you wait.


It's clean and spacious 

with big open windows and comfortable seating.

Pets are allowed on the furniture, of course!


The consultation rooms were designed with pets in mind. 

They're spacious, and full of treats and toys to alleviate your pet's anxiety.


The surgical suite features an array of technology 

for our experienced, knowledgeable veterinary team to provide quality surgical and diagnostic services to their patients.


We can provide diagnostic imaging in-house

with CT and specialist radiology services on the way!


There are several auxiliary services on offer to our patients 

including a hydrotherapy pool in the warmer months, and an agility track to assist with mental stimulation and development.


We want your pet to love coming to visit 

so we built a dog playground that they can use any day of the year!


Our Sniffari Garden 
The Sniffari Garden is the latest addition to our pet-centric facility and another way we can ensure that we take the stress out of going to the vet!


We look forward to becoming part of your pet's circle of care.

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