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Introducing affordable diagnostic excellence

Swan Valley CT are proud to offer outpatient CT (computed tomography) services via referral from veterinarians across Western Australia. Our GE 16 Slice CT unit has been heavily praised in human imaging, and paired with our skilled CT technicians and radiographers, this system offers quality imaging to assist veterinarians in accurate diagnoses and treatment. 

CT imaging provides far more detail that standard x-rays can capture. It creates cross-sectional images of the bones, blood vessels and soft tissues of the body, which is useful in diagnosing nasal disease, skull and retrobulbar disease, and ear disease. It can also be used for staging cancers, assessing elbow dysplasia in breeding dogs, other musculoskeletal and spinal studies, searching for foreign bodies and much more.

Our referral system is simple. The CT suite is open Monday and Friday between 10am - 3pm. Referrals can be made using our online referral form, HERE


Our scan will be interpreted by a specialist and the results made available to the referring veterinarian within a 1-3 business days.

Outpatients will return to their referring veterinarian to discuss the imaging and create an ongoing care/treatment plan.

Swan Valley CT is located at 15 Woollcott Avenue, in our brand new surgery suite. With the assistance of the vets and nurses at Swan Valley Vet Centre - you can be assured that we will provide outstanding care to your clients and patients during their visit, and return them to you for ongoing care and treatment. 


Clients can enjoy coffee at our pet friendly cafe (The Dog's Breakfast Cafe), or meander through the picturesque Swan Valley while their pet is cared for in the suite. We are central to several main traffic arteries for easy access, and have ample parking available.

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